Watch Face Design for a Smart Watch

A digital watch face design for a tracking smartwatch for children: Gizmo Watch

Discipline: Graphic Design, Digital Design
Client: Verizon
Industry: Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics
Location: New York, New York
Time: October 2019

Verizon GizmoWatch is a LTE enabled smartwatch for children. The GizmoWatch is meant to prepare kids for safe and productive communication experiences while allowing parents to stay connected to their children. The GizmoWatch enables two-way calling and messaging. In addition to secure connection between parent and child, the smartwatch is fully waterproof and can last up to 7 days on standby battery life. Arulinden, a New York based industrial design firm designed the physical watch.

My task was to design “cooler” watch faces for GizmoWatch in order to appeal to a young demographic and better complemend its trendy and colourful exterior.

My design strategy was first to define a brand direction for children at Verizon under the Verizon Master Brand. The defining characteristics for this new sub-brand were heavy use of colour, illustration and shapes. Color differentiated this brand from the strictly black and white brand of Verizon.

My designs used Verizon’s secondary colour set. Each interface included 2 progress indicators for step tracking, and task management functions of the smartwatch. Each design explored a different information design for these progress indicators. I used a lot of gradients in my designs, of which the rainbow gradient was a team favourite. Also another favorite was called ‘digital spaghetti’ and it featured a 3D coil graphic in its background, that reminded one of mac and cheese. I wanted to make all my designs feel blatantly childish. One direction featured a flat illustration of an animal. Another direction featured a pattern that reminded of a gridded school notebook pattern. And another one used a gift wrapper pattern. I used a lot of  blur effect to create a soft graphic language like that of the exterior of the watch. I also relied on bulbous, curvilinear and organic shapes. My goal was to keep the explorations, bold, bright and graphic and to stay loyal to the brand. The final set included 20 design recommendations.

The Verizon GizmoWatch received a 2019 Good Design. Award from the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art and Design.