Voice User Interface for Verizon’s Digital Personality

Digital brand explorations for Verizon’s virtual assistant.

Discipline: Digital Design
Client: Verizon
Sector: Telecommunications
Location: New York, New York Time: January 2020

Verizon decided to launch a new virtual assistant in hopes of reducing calls to call centers. I was tasked to create a few imaginative vision explorations on user interface for Verizon’s new virtual assistant.

My design can be described as surreal and dream-like. I wanted to create the feel of an utopian environment, pulling inspiration from the pastel colored world of Spike Jonze’s Her. The interface is sparse and minimal only providing user with a limited set of options of interaction. The amorphous blob visible acts as the main form of visual feedback to let the user know if the system is listening, or if they are ready for another command. If the blob is changing shape in an organic, pulsating motion, it means the system is listening, if it is a perfect circle, it means that it is not engaged.

This project changed in scope later. For the second part of this project I created 3 new UI directions.

First direction, A chatbot UI direction to emphasize friendliness. Uses red to create a warm, vibrant, energetic experience. Rounded UI elements, remind of messaging platforms, are familiar, approachable, and casual. The bold type makes the design dynamic and joyful.

Second direction, an ambient UI uses dark background for calm and focus. Subtle gradient keeps this direction from being overly authoritative or intimidating. Transparent UI elements maintain a focus on content and functionality. Minimally weighted type support efficiency and airiness.

Third direction, a clean, straightforward UI approach that relies on subtle dimensions to create a solid neuromorphic look. Flat, rounded, almost tangible UI elements provide structure and emphasis where needed. Crisp, white type that cuts through the interface to guide users through the action.