Music Visualizer for a Modern Jukebox

Motion design for a modern jukebox music visualizer: TouchTunes Music Visualizer

Discipline: Motion Design, Generative Design
Client: TouchTunes
Sector: Consumer Electronics, Entertainment Electronics
Creative Director: Francois Nguyen
Location: New York, New York Time: June 2016

TouchTunes Interactive is the leading company in designing modern jukeboxes. They have a close partnership with frog Design’s Industrial Design team.As frog Industrial Design team prepared a pitch for the 3rd generation design of the TouchTunes jukebox, I proposed to include a music visualizer in the new design. I created sample visual directions for this visualizer and designed motion studies. We added these in the pitch deck. The client loved the new jukebox design, alone with the idea of having a custom music visualizer, and frog Design got the project.

My task was to design a music visualizer that can be shown in an RGB led matrix display. I designed 4 different concepts keeping the jukebox’s form factor requirements and limitations in mind.

To get our designs right, we did field trips to bars that owned TouchTunes jukeboxes. We observed that these bars had loud music and were very crowded. Thus I decided to make the visualizer’s design feel ambient and relaxing, and avoid crowding the space even more with a hectic music visualizer. All of my design directions had an ambient feel and look. They featured soft gradients and bulbous shapes. I used a lot of Gaussian blur. This soft look made the designs feel meditative and differed from a traditional music visualizer with bars.

After pitching and getting the project, I had to take time off to get a new work visa and wasn’t able to implement my designs. frog Design hired Brian Banton as a senior visual designer and tasked him to finish this project. You can see the final work, in his portfolio, here.