Logo for a Venture Fund

A logo and business card design for Blossom Rock Ventures, a company raising a $75 million venture fund to capitalize on companies delivering products and services to enable smart aging.

Discipline: Graphic Design, Brand Identity Design
Client: Blossom Rock Ventures
Sector: Finance
Location: San Fransisco, CA
Date: October 2019

Blossom Rock Ventures is a San Fransisco based company; it takes its name from a rock formation located in the San Fransisco Bay, located about 0.91 km off the Port of San Francisco. The Rock was a serious navigational hazard to sailing ships entering or leaving San Francisco Bay in the 19th century. In 1870, a group of US military engineers, developed a procedure to remove enough of the rock to eliminate it as a navigational hazard. It is a landmark well-known by the Bay locals.

For this company I designed a logo and a business card, to be used on their website.

To create this logo, I researched documentation of to the Blossom Rock and its explosion. I used the engineering blueprints that were created to plan for the Rock’s blast, to create the picture mark. I traced these plans and paired it with a modern sans-serif to create the final lock-up.

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