Financial Application Design for Kids

Branding for a pocket-money management application for children and parents: Verizon Smart Money

Discipline: Digital Design
Client: Verizon
Sector: Financial Services
Location: New York, New York
Date: November 2019

Verizon recently purchased Nico Money, an application-based financial management service for children and parents. This app helps parents manage pocket money for their children. With the acquisition, Nico Money’s design team joined Verizon Design.

My task was to creative direct the Nico Money design team and help them rebrand their app with Verizon’s digital design language. The challenge was that Verizon’s master brand has not yet defined a direction for branding for a children’s demographic.

My design strategy was to first define brand guidelines for children-friendly interfaces at Verizon. And then to create documentation to give design directions for Nico Money team.

To create a children-friendly sub-brand, I used primary shapes liberally. I also introduced the use of color, relying heavily on Verizon’s secondary color palette, which featured a vibrant blue, an orange, a green and a yellow-orange. I also created geometric patterns using primary shapes. I stayed loyal to the brand and used the grid and white space heavily.