Educational Website for 5G Internet

Digital design for informing on the innovative 5G internet technology: Verizon 5G Home Internet Learn Page. View the live webpage here.

Discipline: Digital Design
Client: Verizon
Sector: Telecommunications
Creative Director: John Devanney
Location: New York, New York

Time: June 2019 The U.S. is officially the world’s first country to launch a commercial 5G smartphone service. And in US, Verizon Wireless is the world’s first mobile operator to launch a commercial 5G network.To give some background, 5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology. It is one of the fastest internet technologies the world has ever seen. It enables quicker downloads, exceptional network reliability and gives consumers access to more information faster than before. Technologies like autonomous cars, smart communities, industrial IoT, immersive education can be made possible with the high-speed of 5G. Verizon launched a 5G Home Internet service in September 2019. My task on this project was to design a webpage to inform potential customers on Verizon’s 5G Home Internet offer. 

My design approach was to first tackle this problem as a content design exercise. I first determined what needed to be on this page with my teammate, pulling information from internal research, hardware and technical teams. I wire-framed various solutions. After deciding on a direction among all the options, I designed the interface following Verizon’s digital design guidelines.

To talk a little bit about the design details, Verizon’s digital brand uses a sans-serif font, Verizon NHG, a custom cut of Neue Haas Grotesk. The brand also features the colors black and white, bold lines, a strict grid, and a lot of white space. Red is used sparingly. Photography is realistic, without effects or staging with natural lighting. Overall, the guidelines require designs to be minimal, consistent and clean. My design for this page followed the guidelines very closely, creating nuances with the use of photography and layout. In addition, we worked with Verizon’s internal agency to commission photo shoots. We also worked with an external partner, a motion design agency, Buck, to create videos, for which we gave detailed instructions and scripts.

To dwell upon our process, the project had a very tight deadline as we needed to get it ready for the Verizon launch of the 5G Home Internet service. I oversaw the implementation of the page, working with developers and did a quality assessment to ensure a pixel-perfect translation of my designs. You can see the live website here.

The outcome of the design was very successful. The redesign received high-acclaim from the top executives in Verizon. According to the research, conducted by Verizon’s internal research organization, of all 4 purchase channels for 5G Home Internet service (retail, door to door, telesales, and website) the website is performing the highest in terms of sales conversion.