Interface Design for a Tracking Device

A brand identity and an interface design for a Bluetooth powered tracking device: Gethr

Discipline: Graphic Design, Interface Design
Client: Verizon
Industry: Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics
Creative Director: Jason Severs
Location: New York, New York
Date: May 2017

Gethr is a tracking device that helps you find your belongings and valuables. My task was to expand Gethr’s brand into a more graphically advanced brand which can be scaled to digital design.

My design strategy was to create a lot of very different directions with mood boards, and then to create detailed screen designs from a single direction.

Verizon hired Pentagram to define brand guidelines for Gethr. They designed a color palette, logo, typography and a custom icon set for the brand. The brand wasn’t defined for digital design. My task was to interpret this brand into an interesting digital brand. For this, I created 8 directions using the logo, iconography and typography Pentagram created. I summarized each direction using mood boards. Each mood board featured patterns, colors and texture vignettes. I refined the selected direction more and created a poster to exhibit the new brand. This poster informed 8 sample interface designs I created for Gethr. The interface designs used black and white. They also featured a lot of geometric shapes and relied on a clean layout with heavy reliance on rules.