An Infographic for an NGO

An infographic demonstrating the operating model and purpose of a humanitarian startup: Colibri Global Infographic

Discipline: Data Visualization
Client: Colibri Global formerly Solar Route
Sector: Non-Governmental Organization, Startup Company
Location: Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Date: August 2015

Colibrí was founded in 2015 in Matagalpa, Nicaragua with the vision to catalyze the transition to clean energy and unlock the purchasing power of Latin American households. Its mission is to provide affordable, reliable solar energy for households & small businesses within and in and out of the electricity grid in Nicaragua.

The founders and CEO of Colibri Global Morgan Babbs came to me to help them illustrate Colibri’s mission and purpose with an infographic targeted for its investors.

The company was at a very early stage, so I kept the graphics very elementary to go with the rest of its branding.

I designed the infographic as a poster. I created a ladder-like maze graphic and narrated the story along the direction of this maze. The company was nascent and small but they were making a big change. This reminded me, graphically, of a stick figure: stick figure might simple, but it goes a long way in telling a story. Thus I used stick figures as my characters.

Since this design Colibri Global grew in scale and rebranded their infographic, but they stayed loyal to the hand-sketched stick figure aesthetic I came up for the initial visualization.