A Display for a Design Consultancy Lobby

Digital display design for the lobby of frog Design’s new studio: frog Design Signature Wall

Discipline: Digital Design
Client: frog Design
Sector: Design
Collaborator: +2
Location: New York, New York
Date: July 2016

The signature wall is part of a frog Design ritual. Each employee signs their name on a green wall on their first workday at frog Design. When frog Design, moved to its new location from Tribeca to Dumbo, they had to leave behind their famous signature wall.

My task was to digitalize the signature wall and display it as an interactive visualization on a 4-panel screen at the lobby of the new office.

My design strategy was to remain as close to the original design as possible to be able to maintain the nostalgic side of this experience. I created a wide array of high-level concepts to propose different approaches.

Due to development limitations, my designs mostly explored alternative backgrounds and stroke style treatments for the signatures. My favorite design used an iridescent stroke and a heavy shadow applied on the strokes of the signatures with a black background.