A Display Animation for Future

Animation for an immersive bus experience, demonstrating the future of the internet: Verizon 5G Bus

Discipline: Motion Design, Generative Design
Client: Verizon
Sector: Telecommunications
Creative Director: Francois Nguyen
Location: New York, New York
Date: January 2017

Verizon commissioned frog Design to create an experience to inform its stakeholders and executives about the capabilities of the 5G technology, as they deployed infrastructure to become the first mobile operator to launch a commercial 5G network in the US.

Verizon needed a storytelling medium for its executives to simplify 5G’s complex technology. They wanted to be able to demonstrate the technologies 5G’s high-speed can enable like industrial IoT, immersive education, augmented and virtual reality. frog designed a custom bus interior for this purpose complete with trial opportunities for all the high-end technologies.

My team consisted of industrial designers and creative technologists who collaborated to design the interior of the bus and create tech demonstrations. My task was to design an animation showing the high-speed data transfer that 5G internet enabled. I created many different versions, from which, with the help of my creative director, I picked a winner.

Verizon wanted to brand this experience to have a future-forward feel. Thus, i featured pixels in my designs to create a futuristic, space aesthetic. The animation displayed white and red pixels over a black background. Pixels represented particles and they moved from display’s edges to its middle. This movement represented the data transfer of the 5G internet.