A Wordmark for a Design Conference

Wordmark and branding for Verizon’s internal design summit.

Discipline: Graphic Design, Identity
Client: Verizon
Sector: Telecommunications, Design
Location: New York, New York
Date: August 2020

Verizon organizes a yearly design summit to gather all designers under one roof to share updates on Verizon’s design body.

I wanted to allude to the technology dominant side of Verizon in this design, thus I embraced a binary aesthetic and kept the graphics really basic. To allude to the newly burgeoning design side of Verizon I used a mental reference to legos to create this wordmark and decide on its colors. The color set is using all 4 of Verizon’s secondary color, along with the brand’s main color, red.

Logo for an Immersive Culinary Installation

Paralax Cantine is an immersive culinary installation actualized by artists Zoe Lockard and Hugo Avigo for an interdisciplinary arts festival, Festival Cite Lausanne, taking place in Lucerne, Switzerland.

For the collaborative duo organizing this special event, I designed a 3D logo inspired by funky possibilities of the near time future. The logo is created using neon green digital clay, drawn in 3D space. Optimized to be used in AR, the logo can be set against an endless variety of backdrops.

Logo for a Venture Fund

A logo and business card design for Blossom Rock Ventures, a company raising a $75 million venture fund to capitalize on companies delivering products and services to enable smart aging.

Discipline: Graphic Design, Brand Identity Design
Client: Blossom Rock Ventures
Sector: Finance
Location: San Fransisco, CA
Date: October 2019

Blossom Rock Ventures is a San Fransisco based company; it takes its name from a rock formation located in the San Fransisco Bay, located about 0.91 km off the Port of San Francisco. The Rock was a serious navigational hazard to sailing ships entering or leaving San Francisco Bay in the 19th century. In 1870, a group of US military engineers, developed a procedure to remove enough of the rock to eliminate it as a navigational hazard. It is a landmark well-known by the Bay locals.

For this company I designed a logo and a business card, to be used on their website.

To create this logo, I researched documentation of to the Blossom Rock and its explosion. I used the engineering blueprints that were created to plan for the Rock’s blast, to create the picture mark. I traced these plans and paired it with a modern sans-serif to create the final lock-up.

Virtual Sculpture

A virtual sculpture, created using a 3D modeling software. View it in AR here.

Discipline: Digital Design
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Date: March 2020

An Easy Man was part of the first edition of Accessible Objects, an online platform for showcasing works of independent emerging creators. View it here.

An Interactive Dance Show

Dynamic and reactive digital installation for a dance performance: Perceivable Interface

Discipline: Software Development, Exhibition Design, Generative Design
Sector: Entertainment
Esra Şefik
Annahstasia Enuke
Annie Roome
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Date: April 2015

An undergrad graduation project under the supervision of Professor Markus Wilczek of Tufts University.In this dance performance, dancers dance on a stage. There is a large projection display to the back of the dancers and a motion sensor in front. The motion sensor tracks and records the dancer’s bodies as they dance. The data captured with the sensor is run through an open-source algorithm to translate the recorded motion data into an animation. This animation is projected on the display at the back of the dancers, in real-time. The goal behind this project is to artfully visualize human-computer interaction. When dancers dance in front of a sensor, they interact with the computer. When the computer records, interprets and projects this dance on the display, the computer interacts back with the dancers. Dancers see their live image on the display and they reinterpret and change their mood and dance movements. The communication goes on back and forth.

I wanted the visual aesthetic of the animation to be very pixelated and digital looking to support the idea behind the project. Everything looked was very raw, like the visual aesthetic of the terminal program in Mac. Since this performance was meant to visualize a human-computer interaction, there was no need to polish the graphics. I also filmed the first performance and edited my footage.

Even though dancers had a loosely defined choreography and learned how Kinect work in rehearsals, at the final show the choreography was mostly improvisational. The goal was to generate a different performance and a new conversation, between dancers and the computer, at each show.

Music Visualizer for a Modern Jukebox

Motion design for a modern jukebox music visualizer: TouchTunes Music Visualizer

Discipline: Motion Design, Generative Design
Client: TouchTunes
Sector: Consumer Electronics, Entertainment Electronics
Creative Director: Francois Nguyen
Location: New York, New York Time: June 2016

TouchTunes Interactive is the leading company in designing modern jukeboxes. They have a close partnership with frog Design’s Industrial Design team.As frog Industrial Design team prepared a pitch for the 3rd generation design of the TouchTunes jukebox, I proposed to include a music visualizer in the new design. I created sample visual directions for this visualizer and designed motion studies. We added these in the pitch deck. The client loved the new jukebox design, alone with the idea of having a custom music visualizer, and frog Design got the project.

My task was to design a music visualizer that can be shown in an RGB led matrix display. I designed 4 different concepts keeping the jukebox’s form factor requirements and limitations in mind.

To get our designs right, we did field trips to bars that owned TouchTunes jukeboxes. We observed that these bars had loud music and were very crowded. Thus I decided to make the visualizer’s design feel ambient and relaxing, and avoid crowding the space even more with a hectic music visualizer. All of my design directions had an ambient feel and look. They featured soft gradients and bulbous shapes. I used a lot of Gaussian blur. This soft look made the designs feel meditative and differed from a traditional music visualizer with bars.

After pitching and getting the project, I had to take time off to get a new work visa and wasn’t able to implement my designs. frog Design hired Brian Banton as a senior visual designer and tasked him to finish this project. You can see the final work, in his portfolio, here.

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