DALL·E & Graphic Design

Just got trial access to DALL·E and I am already super excited to start creating with it. It is crazy how it completely automates a huge part of graphic design. It is going to be an amazing tool for graphic design. Now the graphic designer is going to take up a more of a curator role where they try to weed out the good results from a ton of uncanny valley world of results (see the cat in the Golden Gate park below). Curious how long will it take for AI-generated imagery to get out from the uncanny valley world and take over the graphic design world.

Experimented w a purple Porche in a Canyon, or a room with flying chess particles. Oh also with a cat walking through the Golden Gate bridge along with some other prompts.

The function that helps you generate variations of an uploaded image is no doubt the most powerful and the most creepy feature DALL·E offers.

Mom Brooklyn Visit

Mom was here a month ago. It was freezing in New York, an unconventionally cold April. Went to a party, got covid and gave her COVID, forcing a cosy 15 day recovery in my studio. Went to museums, a concert (Altin Gun), where she surprisingly knew more lyrics than I did. Ate good food and cooked some turkish food. Picture taken by Charlotte Rea.

Blast from Past

Girls in New York from a lifetime ago. From my first year in New York.

Visit to de Young Museum, the Rodin Sculpture Garden and a Welcome Flower

Visiting San Francisco for the week… Landed last Friday, and was greeted with pretty flowers in the airport. First thing off the plane, I visited the de Young Museum, which is in the Golden Gate Park. Couple of days in, I went onto the tour of the enormous Stanford campus, and walked into a garden full of Rodin sculptures along with the impressive art building. Couldn’t find the opportunity to find its studios but they sounded fairly cool. Spent the weekend in Oakland, watching a live orchestra Charlie Chaplin movie, City Lights, for the first time in its Paramount Theater and under its amazing roof and all of the stage like Art Deco interior details. All to say, I can say the weather out here is cold as it can be but there is something about the crispness of it that keeps one active, energetic, daringly underdressed and going.

Hazy First Years of New York

First years of New York is always hazy, from one reason or another. Here are some photos of my memories of the first couple of years, with barely discernible shots of friends, places and events. Mostly shot in film camera whose Auto mode is no longer trustworthy.

LA in March 2018

Might have been my first visit to LA. I think it was also the same time I got the biggest tattoo with my friend. Shot in my friend’s house after a morning of our long night. I would have forgotten about this visit, these pics and the date of my first visit if it wasn’t for the meta data of a dear DSLR to fill in the gaps of my memory. Also pic of an another friend doing a quick meditation after the club.

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