Logo for an Immersive Culinary Installation

Paralax Cantine is an immersive culinary installation actualized by artists Zoe Lockard and Hugo Avigo for an interdisciplinary arts festival, Festival Cite Lausanne, taking place in Lucerne, Switzerland.

For the collaborative duo organizing this special event, I designed a 3D logo inspired by funky possibilities of the near time future. The logo is created using neon green digital clay, drawn in 3D space. Optimized to be used in AR, the logo can be set against an endless variety of backdrops.

Branding for a Slow Fashion Brand

For Desen Shop, an Istanbul based slow-fashion company, I created a brand that evokes retro and nostalgic feelings. The brand uses a bright color set to match its product’s vibrant and playful look. The design system also utilizes many graphic motifs like flowers, eggs, and abstract shapes to make the brand feel liberal. The brand’s name ‘Desen’ means pattern in Turkish and alludes to the brand’s use of geometric and organic patterns in its product line.

You can view the website I designed and built for Desen here. You can see the Instagram page I manage and create content for here. The Instagram features a custom filter I built using Spark AR as well.

Design Enhancements for Verizon Digital Brand

Visions for enhancing the digital design system of Verizon’s My Verizon App

Discipline: Digital Design, Design System Design
Client: Verizon
Sector: Telecommunications
Creative Director: Brandy Bora
Collaborators: 16+
Location: New York, New York
Date: 2017 – 2019

A Data Visualization for Samsung

A data visualization of customers’ entangled customer care experience with Samsung

Discipline: Data Visualization
Client: Samsung Electronics
Sector: Consumer Electronics, Customer Care
Creative Director: Daniel Holtzman
Location: New York, New York
Date: February 2016

Samsung Electronics hired frog Design to redesign its customer service processes. Samsung wanted to create a customer service experience comparable to Apple Care of Apple.Our task was to research Samsung’s current customer service experience and come up with ideas to improve it. Our research showed that an individual had to interface with Samsung’s call centre more than 2 times to resolve their issue. This number often got as high as 6. Inspired by the research results, I created a data visualization of the customers’ experience with Samsung’s call centre. My visualization aimed to demonstrate the scale of the issue and encourage Samsung to improve its call centre processes. We interviewed with 12+ Samsung customers. I worked with a small data set to create this visualization and quantified the data from our user interviews.

The visualization is named the spaghetti chart. Each line represents a customer’s interaction timeline with Samsung Care touchpoints. I used a colour scale from light yellow to red to color each stroke. I mapped the colour to the customer’s frustration levels. The warmer the hue was, the more frustrated the customer became.

I worked very closely with a very experienced design researcher on this project, drafting interview guides and conducting interviews. The proximity to research enabled me to be closer to data and create designs that were truly informed by data.

Voice User Interface for Verizon’s Digital Personality

Digital brand explorations for Verizon’s virtual assistant.

Discipline: Digital Design
Client: Verizon
Sector: Telecommunications
Location: New York, New York Time: January 2020

Verizon decided to launch a new virtual assistant in hopes of reducing calls to call centers. I was tasked to create a few imaginative vision explorations on user interface for Verizon’s new virtual assistant.

My design can be described as surreal and dream-like. I wanted to create the feel of an utopian environment, pulling inspiration from the pastel colored world of Spike Jonze’s Her. The interface is sparse and minimal only providing user with a limited set of options of interaction. The amorphous blob visible acts as the main form of visual feedback to let the user know if the system is listening, or if they are ready for another command. If the blob is changing shape in an organic, pulsating motion, it means the system is listening, if it is a perfect circle, it means that it is not engaged.

Logo for a Venture Fund

A logo and business card design for Blossom Rock Ventures, a company raising a $75 million venture fund to capitalize on companies delivering products and services to enable smart aging.

Discipline: Graphic Design, Brand Identity Design
Client: Blossom Rock Ventures
Sector: Finance
Location: San Fransisco, CA
Date: October 2019

Blossom Rock Ventures is a San Fransisco based company; it takes its name from a rock formation located in the San Fransisco Bay, located about 0.91 km off the Port of San Francisco. The Rock was a serious navigational hazard to sailing ships entering or leaving San Francisco Bay in the 19th century. In 1870, a group of US military engineers, developed a procedure to remove enough of the rock to eliminate it as a navigational hazard. It is a landmark well-known by the Bay locals.

For this company I designed a logo and a business card, to be used on their website.

To create this logo, I researched documentation of to the Blossom Rock and its explosion. I used the engineering blueprints that were created to plan for the Rock’s blast, to create the picture mark. I traced these plans and paired it with a modern sans-serif to create the final lock-up.

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